Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Case Study - Solution Driven

“From start to finish, CRM Online’s experts have been very attentive. They have really grasped my requirements, achieved what I wanted and were willing to work out of the box,” said Steve Daniels of Solution Driven.

Customer Profile
Solution Driven is a fully independent, specialist company that works primarily in the hospitality industry, cutting costs for business owners, landlords and large chains. With a mission to drive down bills and recoup overpayments, Solution Driven’s expertise is focused on cutting a business’s energy costs, securing utility bills and business rates rebates. It has an exceptional success rate, with extensive experience in all of these areas, working with clients of all sizes.

Steve Daniels of Solution Driven (pictured below) found CRM Online via the Internet and was seeking a bespoke solution to meet the needs of his two-year-old business based at West Mersea, Colchester.

The Challenge
Solution Driven collates a lot of information connected to cutting energy and utility bills and gaining rebates for its clients and needed a web-based system to store it.

Steve said: “Collating information is the backbone of the company so the system is critical. We are dealing in rebates so information comes in and goes out. We are in the middle, so having a good CRM system was vital.”

The Solution
Focusing on the high volume of information it dealt with, Solution Driven’s prime aim was to find a CRM system that would be bespoke, have functionality and be within budget.

Solution Driven wanted to record all of the details about its clients and contracts on one system, which was easy to use and had a reminder facility.

Steve said: “I wanted someone to tailor their solution to my requirements. I wanted a CRM solution that meant I have all of my clients’ information and contracts in one place and that I could easily access. I also wanted a system that sends me reminders.”

Despite strong competition, CRM Online was awarded the contract. Steve said: “I had a CRM system made prior to this one, but it never worked properly and I spent so much time and effort on it. I saw several systems and several firms, but CRM Online stood out because of their bespoke services and they were willing to tweak their solution for me.”

The Benefits
After an initial call, one of CRM Online’s experts visited Steve’s office to assess his requirements and recommend a solution that would best meet his needs. The CRM solution was installed over four to six weeks, during which time the system was tweaked and any teething problems were smoothed out.

Steve said: “CRM Online grasped my requirements straight away and then changed the system according to my needs. It has helped me improve my business processes.”

Solution Driven has found their CRM system has:

  • ·      Improved business processes and productivity
  • ·      Given Better control of the business
  • ·      Everything is in one place so things are easier to find
  • ·      Created a paper free environment
  • ·      Data backed-up off site with better security
  • ·      Reminders that will pop up on the system
  • ·      Enriched data collection
  • ·      Data entered once and then it is available to all for future use
  • ·      Saved time and money
  • ·      Better tracking of his clients and new opportunities
  • ·      A great CRM Online helpline

 The Results
Steve said: “From start to finish CRM Online’s experts have been very attentive. They have really grasped my requirements and achieved what I wanted. They were willing to work out of the box.

“A lot of companies try to fit you into their system but these guys looked at my business and tailored something especially for me. Once they had installed the system, there were just a few tweaks needed and they changed it so that it now works according to my needs.”

Steve added: “I am very happy with my new system. I like the fact that everything is in one place. It is bringing everything under one umbrella. It is making my business processes much easier and hopefully it will increase our business.

 “I would highly recommend CRM Online. From the initial point of contact to the production, they have been very attentive. They have been very good from start to finish.”

The Future
Steve has been so impressed with CRM Online and his new technology that he is already planning Phase Two when he will call CRM Online back to extend his solution.

Peter Sidhu, MD for CRM Online said: “We are delighted that Steve has discovered that CRM Online has done all that we say we will do for our clients. We have installed a system and adjusted it to meet Solution Driven’s needs and to help it to work smarter, and not harder.”
“We are an international team of CRM and Business Performance experts who deliver transformational solutions to companies who are as passionate about fast and profitable business growth as we are”

Solution Driven can be contacted at:
Calbron House
Rushmere Close
West Mersea

T: +44(0)1206 385641
M: +44 (0)7730 50 9214
F 0845 00 99 213

CRM Online Contact details:

CRM Online, Boundary House, Cricketfield Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1QG